In a market largely comprised of drone manufacturers, Measure is the model for how
drone services will develop and grow in the future.

Measure’s Franchising Program: A Unique Approach for Commercial Drone Services


One of our DJI Inspires, nicknamed "Aperture"

JUNE 20th, 2016—Last week, the Measure team found ourselves sandwiched between The Simple Greek, an interactive Greek restaurant made famous by reality TV investor Marcus Lemonis, and American Family Care, an urgent healthcare service. What do these businesses have in common? They were both franchisors that exhibited at the International Franchise Expo (IFE) in New York, the largest franchise event in the country. The variety of franchise businesses IFE was staggering, including automobile repair shops, ice cream sellers, pretzel vendors, learning centers, accounting firms, jewelers, lawyers, a ‘spy school,’ a beef jerky maker (our personal favorite), and Measure, the nation’s leading drone services company.


So why are we franchising? The need for centralized service providers in the drone industry has been mounting. Over 5,000 firms have received a Section 333 Exemption to fly drones for commercial purposes in the US; 3,000 of those have come through in the last six months. Exemption holders range from enthusiastic hobbyists looking to recoup the cost of their DJI Phantoms to R&D departments at Fortune 500 companies. The range of applications being flown is even more mind-boggling. Drones have demonstrated value in precision agriculture, tower inspection, search and rescue, and more. Through franchising, Measure plans to bring together the best operators in the country, take commercial drone services to scale, and lead the way towards a safe, responsible, and productive industry.