In a market largely comprised of drone manufacturers, Measure is the model for how
drone services will develop and grow in the future.

Soar Into the Multi-Million Dollar Drone Industry

From recreational models to commercial solutions, drone technology has captivated the masses. Measure, the nation’s leading Drone as a Service® company, is capturing market share at the enterprise level in this emerging industry. At the same time, our brand positions independent commercial drone business owners to seize greater opportunities for innovation. Measure invites qualified individuals to map out the contours of an active industry landscape alongside a team of experts offering first-rate drone support.

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How vast is the drone industry and how quickly is it growing? Our team has developed this brief outlook to help you decide if investing in a Measure drone franchise is a viable option for you.

The global commercial drone market exceeds $127 billion

Enterprises worldwide are considering drones for commercial use. Global interest in this technology has created a market valued at more than $127 billion.1 This could rise as industry experts consistently discover new markets, use cases and regulation roadmaps are set in place to further commercialize the opportunity. Our independent commercial drone business owners become part of a larger movement when they invest in a Measure drone franchise. With our refined business model as a guide, Measure drone franchisees help to revise or create new workflow for enterprise level clients —facilitating safe, legal and insured flights which produce high-quality, standardized and reliable data while reducing cost, and mitigating risk.

New applications for drone services are emerging

Measure drone franchise owners work with businesses to discover how drone services can suit their needs. Many industries have invested in drones for commercial uses, including telecommunications, utilities, agriculture and more. Commercial drone businesses offer data solutions to aid with disaster response, weather monitoring, traffic reporting and even television news coverage. As a Measure drone franchise owner, you will have countless opportunities to expand your network and create new customers across multiple sectors. New applications within the drone industry can potentially translate to increased revenue for your commercial drone business, as well.

Take advantage of forecasted growth with a Measure drone franchise

The market for commercial/civil drones is expected to grow to $13 billion by 2020.2 The Measure drone franchise opportunity helps franchisees provide premium commercial drone services with the backing of an established brand, developing national master service agreements with enterprise clients in multiple verticals. Our franchise executive team brings a wealth of experience in finance, government, aviation and the UAV industry — and they cannot wait to share it with drone enthusiasts like you.

Join the largest Drone as a Service® company in the U.S. Together, we can chart the future of this industry while developing sustainable commercial drone businesses nationwide. Find out what it takes to achieve your goals as a Measure drone franchise owner today!



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