In a market largely comprised of drone manufacturers, Measure is the model for how
drone services will develop and grow in the future.

Measure Adds to Drone as a Service® Team

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WASHINGTON, DC – February 3, 2015 — Measure, a 32 Advisors Company, is pleased to announce Gregory McNeal and Cheryl Ginyard-Jones as Senior Advisors and a new series of members-only forums on drone technology and policy.

Gregory McNeal, J.D. Ph.D. will collaborate with Measure as Senior Advisor for Policy and Technology. Dr. McNeal is an Associate Professor of Law and Public Policy at Pepperdine University where his research focuses on security, technology, and crime. He has written extensively on drones, is a Forbes contributor, has testified before Congress about the legal and policy issues associated with drones, and serves as a voting member of the ASTM technical committee creating scientific standards to govern drones and their operation.

Beginning in March, Dr. McNeal will host members-only forums on topics ranging from drone regulations to unique applications of drones in industries such as precision agriculture, oil & gas, and disaster relief. “The depth of Greg’s expertise in the industry is unprecedented. These forums are designed to provide our clients with the most recent industry developments and analysis,” Brandon Torres Declet, CEO and Co-Founder of Measure said.

As Measure’s new Senior Advisor for Energy, Cheryl Ginyard-Jones brings extensive experience in oil & gas, petrochemicals, and communications technology. Ms. Ginyard-Jones will head Measure’s energy sector business development, working with clients in tasks ranging from transmission line monitoring to flare stack inspection. Ms. Ginyard-Jones spent over a decade at BP where she led finance, strategy, and business planning activities.

Mr. Declet commented, “Bringing Cheryl onboard demonstrates our commitment to the energy sector. Her extensive expertise in the oil & gas industry will be vital to integrating aerial data in client operations such as pipeline integrity and incident response.”

About Measure, a 32 Advisors Company

Measure, a 32 Advisors Company, is one of the world’s leading Drone as a Service® (DaaS) companies. Measure provides turnkey solutions utilizing innovative aerial technologies to deliver specific, low risk and cost effective actionable data to clients. Measure was founded specifically to help clients avoid the capital expense and operating risks of establishing their own drone programs and to purchase drone support in a way which better fits their operations and cost profiles. In a market largely comprised of manufacturers, Measure is the model for how drone service will develop and grow in the future. More information is available at measure32.com and on Twitter @measure32A.


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