In a market largely comprised of drone manufacturers, Measure is the model for how
drone services will develop and grow in the future.

Measure Announces Expansion in Australia

Measure, a 32 Advisors Company, is pleased to announce its first overseas expansion today.  It has created a subsidiary – Measure Australia Pty Ltd. – that will be based in Sydney and headed by Chief Executive Officer Mark Stevens.

Following military service and a 20 year career as a leading Australian transaction advisor, Mark has been a pioneer in developing turnkey drone platforms for industrial operations, and was an early architect of the Drone as a Service® model that sits at the foundation of Measure's offerings. Measure Australia will provide commercial grade drone services to a range of clients including private and public companies, NGOs, and the government sector.

Brandon Torres Declet, Co-founder and CEO of Measure, commented: "The demand for comprehensive advisory services to implement drones in a number of sectors – including mining, oil and gas, and agriculture – and in a number of geographies is clear. Having a physical presence in Australia will help us to provide clients with the highest level of service, and we are thrilled to collaborate with Mark on expanding our global reach."

The commercial drone market is projected to be a $100 billion industry, and most forecasts predict double-digit year over year growth over the next decade. "I am excited about the opportunities to deliver added value to economically critical sectors," said Mark. "With our technical expertise and industry relationships, we can work closely with clients to monitor power and gas pipelines, automate and streamline a range of mining operations, provide real-time facility surveillance, or deliver precision data for irrigation programs while achieving significant cost reductions."

About Measure, a 32 Advisors Company

Measure provides Drone as a Service® to both private and public entities.  We arrange for all aspects of a drone operation, including the business case, aerial platform, payloads, regulatory approvals, and data/analytics packages and charge on a unit cost basis.  We serve clients in agriculture, energy, mining, infrastructure, and public safety.  We are part of 32 Advisors, the premier cross-border advisory firm.  More information is available at measure32.com, @measure32A, and 32advisors.com.

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