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AgEagle Announces Acquisition of Measure in the Next Step to Become the Company of Choice for End-to-End Drone Solutions.


Everything you need to automate your operations, fly safely, and analyze your data with the power of Pix4D.

Mobile Flight

Fly and capture data with a user-friendly mobile app built for commercial use. Available for iOS and Android; compatible with DJI drones.

  • Integrated airspace advisories
  • Real-time airspace authorization (LAANC)
  • GPS-aided manual control
  • Automated grid and waypoint flights
  • Pre and post flight checklists
  • Active track modes including spotlight, trace, orbit, and profile.
  • Local data mode to block DJI data sharing
Mapping & 
Data Analysis

Produce high-quality data products with an easy-to-use web portal and integrated industry-leading data tools such as Pix4D.

  • Processing of data into orthomosaics, digital surface models, and contour maps
  • Interactive, account-wide map viewer
  • Measurement tools for distance and area
  • Turn on layers like flight plans and paths or import your own 2D layer
  • Exportable 2D and 3D data products as GeoTIFF and GeoJSON files

Plan missions, track program activity, and manage your operations. Connect automatically with the integrated flight app or easily upload flight logs.

  • Scheduling of missions, pilots, and equipment
  • Web-based flight planning with grid flights or KML imports
  • Detailed flight logs with screen shots, flight playback, and incident flagging
  • Equipment management with automatic usage tracking
  • Program activity reporting

Customize the feature set, add inspection tools, integrate systems, and get priority customer support to meet your business needs.

  • Intelligent inspection modes to collect data on specific asset types
  • Integrated inspection data analysis tools, powered by Scopito
  • Single sign-on and integrations with Enterprise Asset Management Systems
  • Geospatial API access
  • Custom system setup, on-boarding, and tech support
  • Measure has redefined the way we deliver drone training to new pilots. Instead of needing multiple tools, we are able to focus on a single platform and clearly define what deliverables can be created.” 

    Brooke Gemmell, Senior Innovative Development Engineer

  • “When we reach out to our account managers at Measure, we know our questions or concerns will be addressed as soon as possible. We can’t underscore enough how valuable it is to work with such a reliable team.” 

    Mark Anderson
    Field Research Manager at CoStar

  • “I fly almost every day, and the other flight apps I've used are too cluttered. I love Ground Control's simple flight interface that does everything I need it to do without distraction.”

    John Dulin
    WINK News Drone Pilot

  • "I like how it integrates everything into one spot, one program that has all the information from a mission or from an operator. It allows the user to focus on the task at hand which is flying the drone safely!"

    Reid O
    Conservation Program Specialist

  • "This software was very easy to use and made more sense than other mapping software I have used in the past. I have always been hesitant to let software fly my drone for me, but Measure Ground Control worked well and I look forward to using MGC more in the future."

    Matthew D., Renewables & Environment


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